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    Kelly was a young and popular girl who attened Riverview High. Everyone loved her, but with love comes hate. She was head of the cheer team, had the quaterback of the football team for a boyfriend, and most impotantly wanted to stay in shape. Weighing only 110, she was easily the skinniest and hottest girl in school, and made fun of anyone who wasn't "skinny". She would soon find out that this would come to haunt her.
    Kelly was a Senior, and heading to college. She need some more credits for her application to be looked at, and the only summer job available was one at a fat camp. Kelly became a superviser for a cabin. It just so happened that it was the fatties from her school. These girls knew that she was a bitch, and had a revenge plot. Of course being fit herself she took all of the girls secret stashes of fatty foods. This ticked the girl off even more. All she had them do was eat salad and exercise, but it was working.
    The fatties decided that it was time for revenge, so they started slipping weight gain pills into Kelly's meals. Within two weeks the effects started to show. Kelly's thighs now touched when she walked, her arms jiggled, her boobs were bigger, she had a double chin, and her abs had disappeared into flab. Kelly now weighed 180, more than some of the fatties she was watching! She now had a harder time walking, and her sweats were losing there stretch. The fatties decided it was time for the real revenge.
    One night while Kelly was sleeping, the fatties tied her up to a chair. Their plan was not to release her until she broke the chair. They started off by feeding Kelly all of the fatty foods that she stole from them. When this food was all gone, they started stuffing her with weight gain pills. Three hours after they started the chair was in pieces on the floor, along with the new fatty. Kelly now weighted 350 pounds and jiggle everywhere. Her face had definatly filled out, her double chin had a chin, her thighs were as big as her former waist, touching when she walked, her arms were all soft and jiggly, and her stomach and back had fat rolls. The fatties told her this is what she deserved, but the worst part for Kelly was that everyone was mistaking her for a camper, asking her how much weight she had lost. Instead she said how much she gained, but didn't tell anyone about what happened or else she would just keep getting fatter the fatties.(Now the skinnies.)
    It was time ot go back to school, her mom had warned her about this, gaining weight. Her boyfriend dumped her, she was kicked off the cheer team, and the former fatties now made fun of her, and were on the cheer team. The worst part about being fat, she couldn't lose the weight because of what the weight gain pills had done to her.
A typical story about a popular hot cheerleading who works a fat camp, but gets fattened in an act of revenge.
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MovieMowDown Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What did the pills do to her to prevent her loosing the weight?
willisKKK Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011
Coulda been better bruh
OgrumOrkith Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010
i don't mind weight gain pills being integrated into a wg story.
but i agree you should have strung it out into several chapters, describing the characters' appearances, motives and progress as the story moves on.
RokotheFA Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2009
okay...shame it had immense potential to be a series, you've kinda just ran through the plot instead of writing a story, I see you could've made...about 5 chapters of a story with this, explaining the food, WG pills are a peeve of mine, I really loathe them but anyway, we don't even know what the girl looks like!

I hope you do better next time, you can contact me if you want a hand
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